A little while ago I filmed some cover songs that I love to sing.

Here’s Got To Choose by KISS. 


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“If Heart and Def Leppard were jamming on Kiss songs co-written with P!nk…” 

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So seeing we just entered 2016, here is a little numerology lesson: 2016 = Universal 9, which is good. It means that it’s a good year of completion of unfinished business. On a global level, nations will reach out to each other peacefully and reach out to those less fortunate, yet a there will be a positive end to conflict (sounds good to me there’s enough conflict in the world as it is). Also, people will attend houses of worship and theater more as well (great for concerts).

This gives me hope that people will spend more time out in nature, as that’s my house of worship…it all remains to be seen, doesn’t it.? Some food for thought, anyway.

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The preliminary writing for my new album is coming together really well. I have a TON of songs that are ready to move to the next level , meaning lyrics are pretty much complete (that’s how I roll), but I also have a crapload of ideas half developed cause I always want to go into my co-writing sessions fully prepared. You never know what Musey is going to do to pull her little Mistress of Puppet strings.

7 Pieces features the amazing artwork of South African artist Kim Dreyer.  This song was a labor of love for me. It’s one of those ones that took a few years to write and went through at least five brutal edits before it became what you see and hear here:

I posted a few of my favourite reviews of Monsters on the PRESS PAGE, both from UK Rock and Metal Magazine Powerplay.  I’ve had a great relationship with those guys over the years. 

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What’s in my CD Player?  Def Leppard… the newest one. I LOVE THIS ALBUM!

What’s in my Ipod?  Uhhh. Good question. I haven’t seen it lately… my cat Cleopatra is a little thief.

What’s on my bedside table?  A crap-ton of dust….and a pile of books… as usual.

What am I reading right now? The Power of Surrender by Judith Orloff, and Zero Limits by Joe Vitale (I went shopping on my bookshelf for that one, and it’s gooood.)

Keep Rockin’, and thank you for hanging out! Come back soon.  


“From the opening assault on your rhythmic senses of the title track that grab you and don’t let go, MONSTERS strokes and caresses you, taking you on a 40 minute musical odyssey…Robin has quite simply one of the best sets of pipes on the scene today. “Master and Slave” has a natural anthemic rhythm, and with its powerful acoustic intro, “Two Words” is another standout – one of the most personal set of lyrics on the record. The way she goes about telling someone to go to hell is a gem on an album that’s her crowning achievement… so far.” Dan Brisebois – Canadianbands.com

“Catchy and upbeat “New Addiction” and “7 Pieces” brooding and moody “Two Words” and “Witching Hour”, and downright sexy “Master and Slave” are the top picks…” Mark Hoaksey – Powerplay -UK’s Rock and Metal Magazine