Kick ass cool things and happenings of 2012: Metallica, Mountain Bikes, and Master and Slave

I just realized something. This is a 1 personal year for me in numerology. That means new beginnings, advancement and progress, so whatever I cultivated and built this year will benefit me for the next nine years. Yes. That fits. Lots of growth and revelations in my world. Check it out (these are in no…

Refilling The Creative Well: The Artist Date

Ahhh. The Artist Date. When I read Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way, I discovered Artist Dates. The idea of this is to refill and rejuvenate the creative well. At first I thought it was kinda silly. Why would I want to take myself on a date; what was that other than a waste of time?


Music and Mountain Biking…the air we breathe in my house

Music is my passion. Even though I may not be out performing as much as I’d like lately, (which is going to change soon), I’m thinking or working on music or music related anything pretty much every waking hour.

So if I’m talking to you and not totally engaged, it’s not you, I’m most likely thinking…

My Advice for the USADA

The USADA (US Anti Doping Agency) has knocked a great athlete from grace. They are so powerful and they are so big, bad and mean. They’re going to show Lance Armstrong. They have been trying their best to get him to admit to doping while he was in the Tour De France chapter of his…

My Top 7 Favourite Books

My name is Robin and I’m a bookaholic. I can’t help it. It’s a sickness it’s hereditary. My Grandma, My Mom, My Aunt, and my Sister are all avid readers.

My mom taught me to read at age four; I think she just got tired of reading The Owl and the Pussycat over and over and…

Is getting a job giving up?

I’ve been working a seasonal job for the Wildfire Management Branch for a few years. I don’t usually start working for WMB until weather heats up, June or so, but I accepted a job in March, so I’ve been juggling the job and music…it’s like a dirty little secret among us musicians when we actually…

Bridges…my Comfort Zone?

I’ve been told I write great bridges. I love writing bridges…to me I’d much rather write an awesome bridge to slip in that last piece of the puzzle than be in second verse hell…wait, that’s not a very good comparison. Bridges are my comfort zone. (What is a Bridge? A bridge is a section of…

CD BABY ASKS: 10 Questions About How, Why, and When You Write Music

What does your songwriting process look like? What are a few of the more common ways in which you compose a song?

The songwriting process for me varies. I can start with just a title or sometimes I’ll be writing in my journal and a line or thought will manifest itself and I will be inspired…

Part II: Seven Pieces to 7 Pieces – The Process

Part II: The Music

Last month you learned how I like to torture myself for my lyrics, so let’s talk about the music part.

By the time I get into the same room with my co-writer, I like to think my lyrics are pretty much finished.

Yeah, good one.

I usually go into a co-writing session with at least

Less Divine Inspiration, More Tortured Artist

I love writing songs. I think I’m actually pretty good at it, too; most days.

I don’t wait for the bolt of lightning to hit me anymore I like to grab the muse by the throat, sit her down, and demand she play with me hmmm, no wonder I didn’t have many playmates as a child.

I’ve put…