Songwriting Awards


2013 Song Of The Year – New Addiction – Runner up in Rock Category

2012 Song Of The Year – Master and Slave- Semi Finalist

2009 Unisong International Song Contest – USA New Addiction and 7 Pieces Honorable mention in Rock/Alternative Category

2003 Unisong Songwriting Contest – USA In the top 10% of over 4500 entries from over 50 Countries These Walls I’m Doin’ Fine

2002 National Song Contest for Peace – Ireland Finalist I Surrender

2001 Benelux International Song Expo Netherlands Winner – Rock Category That Scares Me I’m Doin Fine Best Canadian Entry I’m Doin’ Fine

1999 Benelux International Song Expo Medal of Honour – Winner Rock Category You Lost Your Heart She’s Outta Control

1998 Benelux International Song Expo Medal of Honour Lipstick & Lace

South Pacific Song Contest 1998 Award of Merit If I Can Forget South Pacific Song Contest

1997 South Pacific Song Contest – Winner Rock Category – Rockin’ On The Airwaves

1997 Benelux International Song Expo Runner Up

Other cool things.. Radio Crystal Blue’s “Gem of The Week” 02/19/02 This is what Dan Herman had to say…Robin sings about assertion, standing one’s ground and respect to the Goddess on her second CD “Hidden Power”.

BSBF (British Forces Radio) Album of the Week September 24, 2001- Hidden Power

BSBF2 (British Forces Radio) Album of the Week November 1999- Blame It On Rock and Roll