Homeopathy saved my life. I know it sounds dramatic, but it’s true.

I was left with a health legacy that I won’t get into here, but suffice it to say, that if I hadn’t found homeopathy you probably wouldn’t be reading this.
I first went to visit Homeopath Jude Corfield for a different reason. My grandfather had just suffered a stroke and my uncle had just been in a traumatic race car accident and was in a coma. Oddly enough they were both in comas at the same time, but that’s another story. There was no hope for either of them.
I was grieving and because of a bunch of other things going on in my life at the same time, I was having a bit of a meltdown. I wasn’t healthy. I was bingeing excessively; using food as a drug. I was getting fatter and fatter and my blood pressure was scary high.

I already knew Jude (through her previous life owning a bike shop that sponsored Lee for bike racing). I’d heard about her return to school but had never heard of Homeopathy. Through a twist of fate, I went to see her.

It was a bit of a process but she helped me tremendously with Homeopathics and some amazing support. I have visited her over the years to help my blood pressure, get over flus, deal with stage fright and other issues as well. When I went into surgery to get my hip replaced, she got me on a regimen to help me heal up more quickly and to help me deal with the expected bruising (there was little to none, which I attest to the use of arnica), and when the morphine was still in my system and making me insane four months later, she helped me deal with that too. All with no drugs. My doctors were amazed at how well I was healing.
In my house we often use oscillococcinum for colds (rarely are we sick in our house), arnica for Lee for training recovery and muscle aches and bruises, other remedies for rare hangovers, bug bites, a rash I had on my face, and I think I even used a remedy on my dog. No matter what I am dealing with, I know that I can go and get expert advice and care.

Not to say I don’t believe in western medicine, I do. But when the only alternative is medication, I choose to use Homeopathy. I’ve probably saved the BC medical system thousands over the years because of it.

I don’t know how it works, sometimes it’s not a magic bullet, it takes a bit of trial and error, but I do know that no matter what, it will work. I am an incredibly healthy person to prove that.

One of the things that I think attributes to Jude’s success and I can’t attest that all Homeopaths are this way, but she’s a practitioner who is obviously passionate about what she does. She cares, and I never feel judged with whatever’s going on. There’s always a solution.
Because Homeopathy has helped me so much, I wanted to interview Jude, and maybe if you haven’t already tried it, you will.

RB: What is Homeopathy?
JUDE: Homeopathy is a natural form of medicine that has been used by millions of people all over the world for over 200 years. In England there are Homeopathic hospitals. Homeopathy is less well known in North America but is gaining in popularity. Homeopathy helps people feel better by using small amounts of natural substances to boost the immune system and to initiate self healing on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Homeopathy is non-toxic.

RB: Was there a defining moment for you that told you being a Homeopath was your path?
JUDE: My regular Doctor in the UK gave a talk on Homeopathy. He was an MD and a homeopath. While I was listening to the lecture I was thinking ‘this is true healing, it makes so much sense’ and I knew I had to study homeopathy. Years later I discovered that a past Uncle of mine in the late 1800’s had been a homeopathic doctor!!

RB: Cool! What does it treat? What are some common ailments and not so common ailments you’ve treated successfully?
JUDE: Homeopathy treats a whole range of symptoms from a headache to depression. I have helped people with simple conditions such as eczema or constipation to more unusual skin complaints, thyroid conditions and anxiety where the person was scared of driving.

RB: Can a person use homeopathy along with traditional western medicine and doctor’s prescribed medications?
JUDE: Yes. You can use homeopathy along with traditional western medicine and doctor’s prescribed medications. I usually ask people to keep taking what they usually do and then we add the homeopathic and see how much better they feel.

RB: What about the homeopathics such as arnica we see in drug stores, do they work?
JUDE: The homeopathics in the drug stores work. The skill is finding the right remedy for your problem. You have to be a detective and look at the symptoms that you have and then very carefully find the right remedy to match. Homeopathy is based on the unique symptom of the individual both physically and emotionally. If 10 people all came to me with a headache in all likelihood I would give them each a different homeopathic medicine as their symptoms would be slightly different as would their body types and their emotions.

What do you have in your personal medicine cabinet and how has homeopathy worked for you personally?
JUDE: I have probably 200 homeopathics in my personal cabinet and have used them for myself, friends, family and my cat! Homeopathy has worked amazingly for me and never ceases to amaze me. It has helped me deal with some emotional issues, a bad knee and many other brief physicals.

Where did you study, and for how long?
JUDE: I studied Homeopathy for 4 years in England at the School of Homeopathy in Bristol and then had to take my North American Exams when I opened my Clinic in Salmon Arm (Canada) plus work with a Supervisor in San Francisco for a year. Studying homeopathy is a continuous experience and very fascinating.

I hear you do skype consultations, are those effective? JUDE: Skype consultations are becoming more and more popular and work really well. RB: What are common misconceptions of homeopathy?
JUDE: A common misconception about homeopathy is that it is the Placebo effect. However, Homeopathy works amazing well for animals and for babies where it can’t be a placebo effect. I also had one client with a really bad skin rash and it took until the 3rd remedy we tried, for it to get better. If it was the placebo effect it would have got better instantly as the client really wanted it to work.

RB: Give me an example of one of your success stories.
JUDE: A young boy was brought into the office with huge open cracks on the soles of both feet. It was very painful for him to walk and he was wearing specially designed shoes with extra cushioning. He had these bad feet for a couple of years and has seen skin specialists and Doctors and has used all kinds of things to try to heal it but nothing has worked. He is over weight as he can’t bear to walk as it is so painful. I asked him, when this started and why. He said that he could not find any reason why it had started and that he had had it for a couple of years. I put his symptoms into the computer and several remedies came up; one of which was Graphites, which is made from lead. I told him that this remedy was coming up and did he have any connection with lead. He looked like he had an ah ha moment and said “I remember now a friend of mine stabbed me with a pencil before all of this happened”! I prescribed for him the homeopathic medicine made from lead in minute amounts based on like cures like (what can cause a problem in a tiny form can cure a problem). He took the graphites for a week and when I saw him next the soles of his feet were totally healed up and as soft as a baby’s bottom!! He was very happy! True story from my Kelowna office.

RB: If someone wants to contact you for a consult or a face to face, where can they reach you? JUDE: I can be reached on SKYPE or PHONE: 250 804 0104 or by emailjudehomeopath@live.ca . Website: Shuswap Homeopathy