I just realized something. This is a 1 personal year for me in numerology. That means new beginnings, advancement and progress, so whatever I cultivated and built this year will benefit me for the next nine years. Yes. That fits. Lots of growth and revelations in my world. Check it out (these are in no particular order).

· Master and Slave: a semi-finalist in the Song Of The Year Contest. The judges were well known industry people and it had thousands of entries from around the world. Sometimes it’s cool to be acknowledged by your peers.

· My new bike: For my birthday in February, I got a new mountain bike. Even the name is badass: Intense Tazer. It’s an amazing all around bike; climbs steep technical up and rips steep technical going down. When I’m riding it, it makes me happy.

· Monster: On my first listen of Kiss’ new CD Monster, I said to myself: That’s the kind of album my next one is going to be. Solid melodies, lots of guitars, great rock sound, sonically huge, and fun, tongue in cheek lyrics that make me smile.

· Transcribe: I just found this cool computer program to help me learn my songs. Yeah, you read that right. I didn’t write the music for any songs on my cd’s and if I want to play them live, I need to learn my own songs and this program helps. I can take a section and loop it (play it over again without touching rewind or fast forward) or mute the vocals. It’s great for learning complicated song parts. I recently learned some cover songs I might add to my set we’ll see.

· Cari Cole: My music business coach. I spent a good part of the year taking classes from her. In a short amount of time I’ve instituted a lot of her ideas for branding my image, managing my time, defining my music and image, building my fanbase (again and still. It never ends), but essentially taking my career to the next level, and moving into the new music paradigm. Adapt or die. I’m no quitter (I’m writing a song about that Last one Standing is the working title). I love what I do too much and the world needs to hear my music. Plus, she’s a vocal teacher who gave me exercises that quickly got my voice back in shape.

· Logo stickers: I love my stickers. They look nice on everything. I’ve seen them on phones, bikes, coffee cups, foreheads (really). If you would like one, you need to email me your mailing address and I’ll send you some.

· Metallica in Vancouver: Front row. Staring up at one of my idols. I think I love James Hetfield almost as much as I love Paul Stanley (notice I said almost)… Hell yeah! They were shooting a 3D movie. Oh, and just so you know, don’t try to budge in front of me if I’m in the front row you’ll be sorry;just sayin’.

· Shut up and ride: My first Robin Brock fully written song- both lyrics and music. I held a contest on facebook with this song after I finished it. I post a few lines several times a day over a period of a few weeks, and whoever followed and posted the whole song first, won a prize. I had a winner from BC, and one from Pennsylvania.

· Photo Shoot: I bought some new leather, and got my girl Kate Künz to shove me out of my comfort zone. Check out my website and you’ll see what I mean.

· Guitar lessons: who would have thought going back to basics (gotta love pentatonic scales) and learning scales and what the notes and chords are called would turn me into a guitar player. Now I have picks everywhere; bottom of my purse, on my floor, dog’s mouth, washing machine, pockets. Instead of Oprah, I buy guitar magazines and I’m wondering what my next guitar will be. I’m thinking a Gibson Les Paul. Oh and I’ve learned tons of patience. I’m sure my teacher has too. You rock Jordan.

· Bumble and bumble texture: I love this hair product. It’s expensive. I’m cheap. I was at Sephora a while ago and I thought the small tube was a sample. I didn’t realize how much it actually cost til I got home but I love it and I may never comb my hair again. That’s life changing for me, I’m serious.

· Iphone: I refused to text or get a smart phone for the longest time. I’ve gone over to the dark side. Though I’m not a freak about it, I do like to take pictures and post them to FB or twitter via instagram and I can update my social networking sites, and watch Kiss and Metallica videos whenever I want. That’s pretty cool. I don’t use it to talk on a lot though. My boss caught me texting under my desk once. Long story. He thought it was funny. Me, not so much. I can also make movies with it too, and once I find out how to do that I know there will be no turning back. Next; youtube domination. Yeahhh.