The USADA (US Anti Doping Agency) has knocked a great athlete from grace. They are so powerful and they are so big, bad and mean. They’re going to show Lance Armstrong. They have been trying their best to get him to admit to doping while he was in the Tour De France chapter of his life. They are so wonderful. Unfortunately, the UCI (United Cycliste International, the International Cycling Union) has yet to approve or impose any bans or suspensions, kinda redundant when he retired a few years ago, but I digress).

Lance Armstrong is and was the most tested athlete in the sport and to this day there is no solid proof that he has or had doped during his reign. Yes, there is much hearsay, but most allegations come from those who have lived in his shadow or have been offered money to spill their guts; hmm. I’m even tempted to do that one was offered enough money that “you will not want for money again.

I admire Lance Armstrong for his passion, his warrior like being; when it came to fighting cancer (he had a 10 percent chance to live), to train through chemo, to train and then win not one but 7 consecutive Tours. Not to mention his work in creating his foundation and setting records for donations just for the Livestrong yellow bracelets alone. The inspiration and the hope he’s given us all, whether we’re dealing with cancer or not, but just getting through life’s bad times, perseverance, professionalism and belief in oneself. I read his book It’s Not About The Bike (and others he’s been a part of and watched all Tours he’s been in) and it’s pretty amazing the odds no matter what he’s fought and beaten. And now this.

I don’t give a shit whether he was using or not.

This is my advice for the USADA:
1) Let it go. The man retired how many years ago? (his last Big Tour win was 2005) Harboring such powerful hatred toward another human being is like drinking poison and hoping the other person dies. The past is the past. There is nothing you can do to change it. Move on and try to work on what’s happening now in cycling and all other sports where athletes are doping…oh, and they are, whether it’s blood doping or steroids, don’t kid yourself…it’s happening, even in your local gyms. NHL anyone?

2) Put your negative energy into something positive. All the money spent trying to get Lance to admit he doped, and all the bullshit that goes along with what may just possibly be a witchhunt…that’s a lot of focus…that’s a lot of energy instead of using that energy to destroy a hero in so many people’s eyes, why not put that energy and money into something like say, feeding the hungry in the USA, or finding ways to educate people on the dangers of doping, or something that can make a positive mark.

3) Karma bites. All this negativity that you put toward this one man will come back to bite you in the ass, whether it’s bad situations, or health issues. Karma doesn’t discriminate.

4) Before you cast stones, check your own closet first. Who made you God? Are you so perfect? I’m sure you have no skeletons in your closet, people of the USADA. Clean up your own yard of dog poo first before you cast stones. But then I’m sure these people are perfect individuals who have never done anything wrong. Whether or not Lance Armstrong is guilty, it is not up to you to force and bully him to admit that. At the end of the day, he has to sleep at night. He has to answer to his own higher power, and maybe the USADA should think about that negative focus again.

It’s a shame that one group of people who have a hate on for someone, or are jealous or have their own agendas and motivations for ruining someone to such an extent can have so much power. It all comes back.

No matter what, no one can deny the fact that although Lance won the Tour 7 times in a row, he never won by a huge margin, and it was never a sure thing from day 1 of the race. If you watched any of those tours, you’ll see he struggled, suffered and fought just as much as the other competitors. It wasn’t a breeze for him. So what does that mean were his other competitors on the podium and people who were even remotely close to those times doping too? So they strip his medals, do the medals then go to another “doper?” Like Ullrich (who’s I believe is currently serving a ban for some substance or other), or Basso who’s served a ban, or hey, Tyler Hamilton, a teammate who may or may not have lived in Armstrong’s shadow and has his own agenda (like a huge advance for the book he’s writing)? The facts are, Lance Armstrong was dedicated and focused, before every tour, he got out and pre-rode mountain stages in all weather instead of visualizing them, he had a top notch team and his strategies were second to none. And maybe just a little bit of amazing genetics came into play here (remember a man named Carl Lewis)…and self belief…I could go on and on about just the Tour stuff.

Then there is his foundation which has raised more money than any other foundation, and still continues to do so. Matter of fact the donations have risen as much as 25x in the last few days alone…so maybe the USADA’s splatter is doing some good despite their focus to do harm.

No matter what, you can’t deny the facts. He is the most winningest Tour rider in Tour history. He has faced a personal death sentence and won. He has helped and inspired millions and millions of people with his tenacity, his humble attitude, his professionalism, and his foundation. I wonder what positive things the people on the USADA’s board have done lately?