What makes you happy?

I’ve been working on my Shadow Self again. Trying to find some light in darkness.
If you’ve read my previous blogs, or listen to my music, you know I tend to write a lot about dark things.
In one of my fave books, The Dark Side Of the Light Chasers from the late and brilliant Debbie Ford, she says in order to find balance, you must confront certain aspects of yourself.

So, I’ve been trying to find the light.
Doesn’t mean I’m going to be writing love songs (well not that I’d show anyone, anyway) or skipping down the street, blowing bubbles…c’mon now, that’s crazy talk.
It just seems lately, every time I look on Facebook or talk to people, there is so much negative, true or not, and this Empath’s heart is being weighed down by it (actually, I don’t need to hear them talk… but that’s another blog).
We need more happiness in the world. Period. We could all use more happiness in our lives.
There’s too much worry, too much disconnection from…everything.

So to inspire you, here a few of my favorite things this month that make me feel…well…lighter.

Taking a bubble bath…with a cup of coffee
Sometimes it’s the simple things. I don’t know what it is…doing this in the morning, especially after a workout, makes me dance inside (or maybe that’s the coffee).

21 Day Fix
No it’s not illegal- it’s a workout program with daily half hour workouts that you do for 21 days (I do it about 4 days a week during winter months) It kicks your ass but gives really quick results both in strength and fitness…I figure that once the warm up is done and minus the cool down at the end, there’s really only 20 minutes of workout! Awesome for those days I just don’t wanna…so I say to myself…c’mon it’s only a half hour…and I always feel better both mentally and physically afterward. www.Beachbody.ca/21DayFix

F*ck It, do what you love 
Just looking at the title of this book by John C. Parkin makes me smile.  This book is funny and very, very good.

I love to learn. Ironic for someone who detested school from day 1. Udemy offers online courses on pretty much everything from cooking to writing to marketing. Sometimes the courses are free, sometimes they run specials for $19CAD. Right now I’m learning how to edit my GoPro camera footage!
Black cats rock
Every morning when I’m checking my email, my very affectionate little black cat crawls up on my lap. She’ll touch my face with her little paw and she’ll watch what I’m doing for a while…she’ll rub against my chin. Then she’ll bite it. Then she’ll settle down and take a nap. Then after the nap she’ll wake up and start knocking shit off my desk.
It’s quite entertaining.
Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara
Sometimes a girl just wants nice lashes (and some boys too, whatever makes you happy). It’s a little pricey, but it’s the only mascara that doesn’t give me raccoon eyes…unless I’m laughing a lot, then who cares, right?

My digital timer
At times I have trouble focusing on one thing because I have so much on the go. So when I write, I set my timer for a half hour. I usually end up resetting it a couple times, but if I’m having a shitty writing day, I’ll stop when the timer goes off and I can feel good about getting in a half hour. I’ve actually been using this trick for other things too, and it works great.
If you haven’t heard of EFT (emotional freedom therapy/tapping or just Tapping) you’re missing out. It’s like acupuncture without the needles.
It’s simple to learn, you can do it on yourself and it’s FREE! I use it for everything.
Before I had my hip replaced I’d use it to help manage the pain. I’ve used it to help with headaches, anxiety…it’s a very powerful tool. I’ve been using it almost daily and have been able to lessen stress and help with overwhelm. It is currently being used and studied with Veterans suffering from PTSD and the results are pretty amazing.
It’s that good! I actually saw people on TV using it twice this last month. Very cool!
A couple of my favorite practitioners: Brad Yates, and Nick and Jessica Ortner, a brother sister team.
bradyates.net     http://www.thetappingsolution.com

What are some of your favorite things?

Is there a product  or something you love to do that makes you feel good or helps make your life easier?
Please share below, I’d love to hear from you!!