Write or Die

I’ve been writing since I was able to form words. I was taught to put pen to paper, using actual words at four years old and haven’t looked back.

I never knew it would save my life.

We’ve all had traumas… we’ve all lived through the depths of despair, disappointment, triumphs, amazing things and the elation of happiness.


Being Paul Stanley

In honor of The Kiss Front Man’s Birthday, I’d like to say a few words.

When Peter Criss, Kiss’ original drummer left the band, I was devastated.  The Cat man was my favorite. He had this raspy singing voice, and of course, Beth was the ultimate love song.

I had this huge-assed crush on him. I collected posters and…

Top 10 Songs I’d love to cover – Part 2

Top 10 Songs I would love to Cover – Part 2


This is a continuation of songs I would love to cover if I did a cover album. Which may happen.

If nothing else, I’ve been adding a few of them in to my acoustic shows.  If you haven’t read Part 1, I’ve posted a version of…

Top 10 Songs I would Love to Cover. Part 1

Top 10 Songs I would Love to Cover.  Part 1


You might not have ever heard them. You may be surprised.


I’ve been doing some research for my newest album… dissecting the songs and albums of my favourite bands and artists just to see what it is exactly that I love about them. What I’ve found has…

Missing Blogs from Myspace COMING SOON

Yep, Myspace has done it again. They lost all my blogs. I am waiting for them to get it sorted out. You will be able to read all the blogs I posted before Aug 2012 very soon…one way or another. So sorry about that. Please check back.

Mind Games: 7 Tips for motivation when you just don’t wanna!

Being an independent artist, I know a thing or two about keeping up motivation and squandering time. I’m good at both; I’m a Pisces. Especially during the winter months when I am a full time musician and have to only answer to myself.

I don’t like following schedules, I don’t like to do lists, and I don’t…

Hey Jude: Q&A – Ten Questions for my Homeopath

Homeopathy saved my life. I know it sounds dramatic, but it’s true.

I was left with a health legacy that I won’t get into here, but suffice it to say, that if I hadn’t found homeopathy you probably wouldn’t be reading this.
I first went to visit Homeopath Jude Corfield for a different reason. My grandfather…

Kick ass cool things and happenings of 2012: Metallica, Mountain Bikes, and Master and Slave

I just realized something. This is a 1 personal year for me in numerology. That means new beginnings, advancement and progress, so whatever I cultivated and built this year will benefit me for the next nine years. Yes. That fits. Lots of growth and revelations in my world. Check it out (these are in no…

Refilling The Creative Well: The Artist Date

Ahhh. The Artist Date. When I read Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way, I discovered Artist Dates. The idea of this is to refill and rejuvenate the creative well. At first I thought it was kinda silly. Why would I want to take myself on a date; what was that other than a waste of time?


Music and Mountain Biking…the air we breathe in my house

Music is my passion. Even though I may not be out performing as much as I’d like lately, (which is going to change soon), I’m thinking or working on music or music related anything pretty much every waking hour.

So if I’m talking to you and not totally engaged, it’s not you, I’m most likely thinking…