Top 10 Songs I would love to Cover – Part 2


This is a continuation of songs I would love to cover if I did a cover album. Which may happen.

If nothing else, I’ve been adding a few of them in to my acoustic shows.  If you haven’t read Part 1, I’ve posted a version of the original song and tried to find the original video.

These are in no particular order.


It’s Not Love: Dokken

Riffs that rock. I like the dynamics in the way the verses are quiet and the choruses just blast. It’s a fun song to sing that matches my range perfectly.


Rest in Pieces: Saliva

I don’t know. Maybe the ethereal qualities and the way it builds to the end.  I just love this song. Interesting that Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue wrote it.


Seether: Rise Above This

I love the way this song just builds and builds to the chorus. The lyrics are really inspiring to me.


Don’t Leave Me Lonely: Bryan Adams (interesting how this was written by the late Eric Carr, Kiss’s drummer) I couldn’t find a video.

I love the attitude of this song, and the melody.


So did you really believe there wouldn’t be at least one Kiss song in there?  I couldn’t decide on just one song so I chose 4. And no, you probably haven’t heard any of these if you’re not a Kiss fan.

Say Yeah

Tears are Falling actually did a demo of this many years ago; there may be a copy floating around) you need to see the drum kit in this video! HUGE.

A Million to One

Magic Touch (I am adding this to my set cause I love it so much) this is a great performance by Paul Stanley.

The strong guitar intros, the driving urgency of all of these songs…the passionate delivery of a magnificent melody. The attitude of the songs…that’s why I can’t decide.

All of these songs have big range so I could show off a little too.


There you have it. This was a really fun exercise for me, and I hope it exposed you to some songs you may not have heard and videos you haven’t seen.