Live Show Reviews

“I liked her set considerably more this year than last year’s acoustic set. Considering that the backing band had only met her the night before, the tightness of the performance was incredible. A nice mixture of ballads and mid-tempo rockers, her set was exceptional and very well received.” 9/10 –Heavy Harmonies – Ultrasound 2001

Some of Robin’s songs would be ideal for radio with a commercial feel to them making them appeal to a wider audience. With 14 good songs but sadly no encore hopefully it won’t be long before we get a welcome return from Robin Brock. Classic Rock Society – Rotherham – Live show

Soulful, sassy and provocative, Brock combines both ballads and powerhouse rock, with an inkling of New Country, in a performance that will keep you wanting more…Her melodious vocals inspire listeners that are looking for something jazzy to sing along with. A good mixture of tracks from both of Robin’s albums saw her crooning seductively on the likes of “I’m Doin’ Fine” and “I Surrender”, and kicking up a storm on big hitters such as “Rockin’ On the Airwaves”, “She’s Outta Control” and “These Walls”, which was the highlight of the show and featured a stellar performance. Powerplay Review of Rotherham, UK show.