Reviews For “Blame It On Rock & Roll”

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“I was totally blown away, Robin Brock is rock ‘n’ roll through and through, This Cd became an instant favorite the moment I heard it and I still can’t get enough. Music, to me, is more impressive when it’s written by the people who actually perform it. And wow, does she ever perform. Hey, plain and simple, if you buy one album this year, make sure it’s “Blame it on Rock and Roll”. I hope and pray that this release is given the proper exposure, because there is no doubt in my mind that Robin Brock is gonna be a Star. No one hit wonder here. Robin Brock has created a tight, solid album and there’s not a weak song in sight. Just buy it, you won’t regret it…GUARANTEED!”

The first track – She’s Outta Control – blasts you with wailing guitars and the powerful, sexy, dynamic voice of Robin Brock. Blend together both of these electric packed qualities and you have one hell of an album. - 10/10.

“Robin Brock’s debut album, Blame it on Rock & Roll comes flying at you with wailing guitars. Raw & powerful, this album is made of simple but fiery rock & roll. Brock has a pure, unraspy voice which takes off the edge a bit and gives it some soul.”

“Robin Brock astounds people with a voice and an attitude that wraps itself around that big rock flag. She generates astonishment from those who hear & see her for the first time.”

“I was quickly under no illusions, this lady can rock with the best of them. Brock has a powerful rock voice, somewhere between Pat Benatar, Ann Wilson & Shania Twain. The material of this Cd suits the panache & style of her singing. Her ability & potential should make plenty of new fans & followers.”