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The album is a tour de force of great songwriting and wonderful musicianship, from the opener “I’m Doin’ Fine”, to the closing track, the awesome “That Scares Me”. Wondrous Stories – UK

The power in this woman’s voice is truly a gem – absolutely outstanding. Robin’s destined to join the ranks of Darby Mills or Lee Aaron as one of the most powerful voices in Canadian Rock. “I’m Doin’ Fine (Without You)-takes you on a quick little rock and roll journey that’ll have you coming back for seconds…and thirds…typical of the entire disc. HIDDEN POWER is definately hard-edged, but manages to escape being trapped into a ‘category’. “These Walls” has a tender edge to it, while still maintaining what will ultimately become her trademark passion, as is the case with “I Surrender” and practically anything else on the disc. This really is a GREAT album – by far one of the best I’ve had the pleasure of playing –over and over again. The more it’s played, the more it grows on you. If you buy jsut one disc this year – make it this one. She rocks! And she does it better than just about any other new artist I can think of. Canadian

Brock sings the songs of a rock’n roll warrior, fed up with heartbreak, flying down the open road on her Harley (exclusively and involuntarily paid for by the cheatin’ ex), ready to take on anything that may cross her path…Essentially it’s a firewall of sonic power. Squealing guitars and killer drums aren’t the only strengths of “Hidden Power”. Brock is a ferociously phrased songstress…her sense of melody is her strongest creative contribution, lending each song its powerful and addictive charm.

Her heart and soul are strewn across the record like broken glass, displaying her sharp sensibility…however the moments of vulnerability peek out through the haze of tough girl energy, never downplaying Brock’s overall sense of forceful independence. Robin Brock is Canada’s newest Rawk Queen: a confident, powerful woman with a brazen musical delivery and a stack of undeniably solid songs under her belt. In short, she rocks. Muses Muse – Ashley Petkovski

“Now it’s the time for singer Robin Brock to confirm her talent with her second album, produced by expert Keith Olsen(Whitesnake, Fleetwood Mac, etc.) In effect these twelve songs are more mature and deep compared to the debut, and are the reign of ROCK and nothing else, setting as target the more adult audience. In HIDDEN POWER, we find the tough blues “The Game”, elegant pop like “These Walls” and “Read My Mind”, the dramatic ballad “You Let Me” allowing Robin to spread her soulful singing on the charming instrumental melodies. Other nice songs are the hypnotic “Don’t” and the different atmosphere mixed in “I Surrender” that owns a strong refrain. “After The Storm” is a good pop/rock with an ultra catchy refrain, followed by the rough and mid paced southern rock “Naked”, and after all of this energy, there’s “Goddess” to burn the speakers with a rock worth of the best Bachman Turner Overdrive, with semi ballad “That Scares Me” to close a well crafted CD with no filler.”

A first listen will inevitably draw you towards her powerful voice, while a second will open a wider vista to you that’s ready to be explored. hEARD Magazine – NSW Australia

Canadian rocker Robin Brock’s follow-up is an impressive powerhouse release that can comfortably sit alongside the likes of Sheryl Crow and Bryan Adams. Phase 9 Music – U.K.

Hidden Power by Robin Brock
4/5 Broomsticks
Canadian Goddess rocker Robin Brock is getting the best press of anyone you’ve probably never heard of. A powerful voice, a powerful presence, an award-winning songwriter, a spirit-driven, Goddess loving artist, Brock is an up and coming mainstream artist whose latest CD, Hidden Power, is getting enthusiastic press in all over Canada and Europe and airplay on commercial and internet radio.

Toronto’s See magazin exults, “Brock’s voice puts other Canadian vocalists to shame” and UK’s Phase 9 Music calls Hidden Power an “impressive powerhouse” of a CD. Described as “dynamic,” “raw and powerful” and “vital”, and favorably compared to Shania Twain, Ann Wilson of Heart, and Pat Benatar, Brock is attracting a lot of attention for her passionate, hard rocking style and powerful lyrics.

Her sophomore effort, Hidden Power, showcases a rare musical talent: confident, self-assured, and elegant even at its roughest moments. Brock’s got stage presence, all right, and brings competence and passion to her rock and roll. Hidden Power moves effortlessly from hard-rocking jams to introspective ballads.

This is not Celtic-recon music, or electric folk! This is rock and roll, heavy on the metal. Driving guitar licks and thunderous bass ground Robin’s sweet as honey voice. Brock has one of the best rock vocalist voices ever. Her song writing chops are solid, Hidden Power’s instrumentation is rich and perfectly engineered, but it’s Robin’s voice that steals the show.

In her liner notes, and most explicitly in “Goddess of Rock and Roll”, Brock acknowledges the Goddess and the mysteries of the Universe for guiding her and inspiring her talent. It is great to see popular Pagan entertainers acknowledge their Paganism, especially when they are not producing “Pagan” music. Hidden Power is not for meditation and would probably not work as background music to a Moon circle. But Brock’s connection to the Divine is evident in her passionate songs and beautiful voice. This may be the first time you’ve heard of her, but I bet it won’t be the last.

Leni Hester